Accepting Myself through Sexaholics Anonymous

In my disease I could not afford to be wrong; I could not let myself be seen to fail. I believes that in certain areas of my life (as I saw it) depended on me  doing it perfectly--and if I did not achieve that goal, I felt that  would be catastrophic. God, just for today allow me to accept my imperfections, to realize that I can't be all things to all people. Inspire me to make the most important amends of all:  to myself. Remind me that It's okay that I am where I am today, it's okay that I'm not a perfect father, a perfect husband, or a perfect son. God, guide me to the path of progress--not perfection--for one more day. As we say in our Sexaholics Anonymous meetings, ”There is One who has all power; that One is God. May we find Him now!”