430 Dealing With Feelings

We can turn to a journal whenever there are strong feelings...and write them out.  (Step Into Action 1, 2, 3 32)

Every night, just before going to sleep, I get out my journal and write down whatever I'm feeling at the moment.  It's usually a mix: anger, love, confusion, or joy, fear, and gratitude.  I then ask myself what these feelings are about, what thoughts or situations triggered them.  Finally, I acknowledge the feelings as being valid (meaning that it's okay to have them, even though they may not accurately reflect reality), and then try to remind myself of some program tool or slogan that might be helpful in dealing with the situation that triggered the more disturbing feelings.

This process takes no more than five minutes, and it gives me the opportunity to recognize and deal with emotions that arise during the day, and may open the door to a deeper inventory.

I have tried going without this exercise for a few days, and found that I felt bottled up.  So I keep at it, allowing myself to experience and observe my emotions, which keeps them from running my life and causing unnecessary harm.

May I acknowledge my feelings, rather than deny or stuff them.