429 Piece of Paper

Writing allows us to let go of obsessive thoughts to a piece of paper.   Step into Action: One, Two, Three

When I first began to experience long term sobriety I found my thoughts about sex with my wife becoming obsessive.  Even though we had agreed to a period of sexual abstinence, I found my fantasies all over the place and my mind wanting to go to beliefs that were unhealthy for me.  These thoughts usually showed up around two in the morning, and because of the frequent repetition of them I felt it would be inappropriate to disturb someone’s sleep every night.  That was when I started journaling.

Each time the obsessive thoughts became strong, I got out of bed and started writing.  I shared every rotten thought and emotion in that journal again and again.  Sometimes I would be so angry when I started I could barely read my own writing, but as I expressed my rage and pain I felt the emotions slowly draining away like puss from a wound.  It took several months but eventually, with journaling, meetings and calls, the anger left me and was replaced by acceptance.  

God, may my journal bring peace to me and those around me.