423 Changing Addictions

Many members say that progressive recovery has led them to examine their use or abuse of other substances and behaviors.” (SA Recovery Continues 77)

I practiced many addictions when I entered SA.  The one that was the most likely to kill me or land me in jail was my addiction to lust, but I was also overweight, angry and fearful.  When I quit acting out sexually I just loaded the addictive behavior onto my eating, and over the next four years I managed to gain at least 100 pounds.

At 440 pounds I was sober sexually, but now I was dying of obesity.  It was only when I sobered up in SA and from eating compulsively that I started recovery.  I learned how to have feelings and how to deal with them.  I learned the true value of working the steps, going to meetings, fellowship, and service.  I am still working on anger and fear, but I feel like I am now experiencing true recovery.

Please show me the other addictions I have and help me to recover from them.