338 A Different Focus

...practicing a positive sobriety....

(SA, 204)

Early in recovery I heard an old-timer say, “If I put as much time and energy into recovery as I did acting out, I’ll stay sober. Plus I can buy a big screen TV.” That last part made me sit up and pay attention.

I thought I knew my addiction had cost me financially more than I liked to admit. That included the resources to buy the big screen TV and also a few other things I wanted. It may also have deprived me of an earlier retirement and the ability to make my senior years more secure.

I applied that old-timer’s wisdom and committed myself to .working the steps in SA Besides not acting out, I have focused time, energy, and money on righting my wrongs and “practicing a positive sobriety” (SA 204). The rewards have been more than gratifying. It is true that my worst day in recovery is better than my best day acting out.

Now about that big screen TV; I was tempted to buy one, but because I do not watch much television and I decided to spend my limited resources on other things, like attending SA international conventions. I hope to see you there.

Higher Power, help me to focus and put my money where my recovery is.