337 Destruction Denied

“...we ask that we be given strength and direction to do the right thing, no matter what."

(AA 79)

I read an eyewitness account about the destruction of my city during a war. Much of the information dealt with areas I travel often. Familiar streets, buildings, and parks were part of the graphic details. It was ugly. 

I tried to find a map of the city before its ravaging, but found one drawn seven years later. Surprisingly, the city looked as though it had never been torched—neat streets, with lovely buildings, and absolutely no signs of misfortune. If accurate, it portrayed a city that rose from ruin to renewal. Destruction had been denied its victory.

It has been seven years since my own experience of devastation. My world came crashing down as if attacked by a marauding army. I had constructed the perfect scenario, but it fell in one swift blow.

What to do? I could lie down and become part of the carnage, or seek to rebuild my life. Through SA, the Twelve Steps, and a loving God, the map of my life now looks a lot like that rebuilt city. Nearly destroyed by sexaholism, the beauty and functionality of my life is being restored. Destruction has been denied its victory.

Thank God, the rebuilding is replacing the ruin.