334 Part of Me

So our troubles, we think, are basically of our own making. They arise out of ourselves.

(AA 62)

It would be convenient to blame lust, fantasy, resentment, jealousy, dishonesty, fear, and selfishness on some outside agency like devils or demons, because then I would not be responsible. Neither my mother or father planted these defects in me nor did any circumstance or condition. I see these defects as a cancer rather than an invader—part of my body attacking itself. I had to accept these defects as part of me so I could begin to take responsibility for my recovery and begin to heal. 

Today I work with my Higher Power to create contentment, awareness, forgiveness, gratitude, honesty, and faith from within: to live in the solution rather than the problem.

God, help me be responsible to You, myself, and others.