331 Just One

Knowing the Truth, or knowing the Program-often being self-styled authorities and even sponsoring others-only kept us from changing our attitudes and righting our wrongs.

(SA 91)

Early in my recovery, I sponsored, served on Intergroup and regional assemblies, led sessions at marathons and conventions, corresponded with SAs in prison, and shared my story 

internationally through an interpreter. Mr. SA—that was me!

At one point I heard a speaker say, “Do for one person what you wish you could do for everyone.” The speaker said that if we get caught up in trying to help everyone, we have little to offer anyone. The more he said the more sense he made, so I started asking myself questions.

For which individual can I do something meaningful? Who in my family, church, the office, or in my SA group? What about the newcomer at last night’s meeting, the guy who is struggling so hard to earn a chip, or the, heartbroken man who wept over losing his twelve years of sobriety? All of them? Perhaps a little. One of them? Perhaps much more.

God, show me the ‘one’ for me to help right now.