328 Actions of Love

…taking the actions of love to improve our relations with others.  (SA 62)

At the next stop light, after dropping off my wife at her work and heading to my office, I notice her coffee mug is still in the car. Decision point:  Do I press on to my work, thus saving me valuable minutes and increasing my chance of being on time to work, or loop around the block and carry my wife’s coffee to her office. My belief system causes me to react with anxiety and anger if I am late for anything.

As I write this meditation, there is only one choice--take the action of love and deliver her coffee. However, at that moment, sitting at the traffic light, calculating how much this would delay my arrival at work; the choice was unclear and my selfish side made a convincing argument to keep driving to my office. Thankfully, I chose love, brought the coffee to my wife, and received a second goodbye kiss.

Having taking the next right action, I then recall that my office allows for a flexible arrival and, somehow, they would survive if I were 10 minutes later than usual.
Perhaps it is time I did more Step work on this defect.

Higher Power, please help me to remember to choose the actions of love.