325 Drive-Thru Recovery

(Sexaholics)…are being attracted from far and near. (AA 161)

Last week a newcomer who just moved to the area attended our meeting and commented, “It’s nice to walk into a group I have never attended and feel immediately at home.” What greater compliment could a group receive from a newcomer?

His comment got me thinking about something that happened a few years ago in Hawaii. Although I live on the east coast, I was on vacation with my family. As we drove around I saw a familiar fast food restaurant and was curious if a hamburger bought in Hawaii tastes the same as one purchased at home. I discovered that no matter the location, it will be the same patty, same bun, same sauce, and same calories.

That is how it is should be in the SA Fellowship. No matter where I go, I should be able to walk into a meeting and feel at home. The room and the faces may be different, but the message and the solution are the same:  recovery from lust through Step work and meetings. 

Recovery tastes good, no matter where I find it. The next time I am far from home, I will find a Twelve Step meeting and get a taste of recovery to keep me going.

Thank you, God, no matter where I go, the hand of SA is there.