323 Cleaning the Church

So we clean house…asking…that our Creator show us the way… (AA 83)

Our small church cannot afford professional cleaning, so the members take turns doing it. My wife and I are on the rotation schedule, and this week was our turn. It only takes a couple of hours.

The hardest part was deciding when to do it. Her preference was Friday after work. My preference was Saturday morning. We compromised on Saturday afternoon. It was supposed to rain anyway, so we could not work outside. Saturday dawned with not a cloud in the sky:  outdoor weather! She went out to rake the yard; I got clean-the-car fever. By lunchtime, we were both worn out. No problem. We would eat lunch and go clean the church.

After lunch, both of us could hardly move. I am 65 and she is…well… We were stiff and sore, but we still had to clean the church. A two-hour job now felt like a marathon! Resentment Time:  Her:  “Why wouldn’t you do it last night?” Me:  “Why wouldn’t you do it this morning?” Both:  “Why doesn’t the church hire somebody to do it?”

Thankfully, we realized what was going on, and stopped to pray about it. “God, we offer ourselves to Thee….” We swallowed some pain medicine—and our pride—and cleaned the church. That night, we slept like a couple of logs! When we got there the next morning, our pastor beamed. “I can always tell when you two clean the church.” “Our pleasure,” we lied.
The service that day was outstanding.

Prayer needed –God, help me be willing to clean the church, and my life, with a spirit of willingness.