322 Changing Bosses

Humbly asked God to remove our shortcomings. (Step 7)

I have a new supervisor and he is an improvement over the last guy. I still need to do Step work on my reactions to the previous boss. While it is easier to work with my new supervisor, he is not the perfect supervisor I would have been—more material for my Step work. He is retired from the military and has an obsession about being on time for, a compulsion I lack. Because he is a change-for-the-better person, I have reluctantly decided to begin getting to work on time. This has taken a huge chunk of will on my part and he should appreciate me for that.

When I think of Step Seven, I realize a similar process must happen in my recovery life. The Big Book says I have a new Employer, and I must bend my will to His, consenting to live life His way. The old boss, self, is on the way out. My temptation is to take credit for my recovery but, as I heard a fellow say after losing his sobriety, “Somebody wasn’t paying attention and left self in charge again.”

Higher Power, in my recovery, I don’t need to be in charge. Help me look to You for strength and guidance.