319 Traffic Lesson in humility

“Resentment is the ‘number one’ offense.” (AA 64)

The bumper to bumper traffic tweaked my restlessness and irritability. I deliver packages and the delay would make my day more difficult. I saw what I thought was the problem—a couple of police cars at the traffic light with their lights flashing. The green light seemed too short and the red too long and those cops were just standing there, watching it all happen, possibly even enjoying people’s frustration.

I watched a fellow driver yell at the police and felt justified in my resentment toward not only those officers but toward any authority figure, including my father and God.
Just past the traffic light should have been my first destination, but the package’s street information was incorrect. I pulled up to a gas station hoping it was the destination. The cashier did not recognize the name on the package, but a police officer approached us ready to help. His face looked familiar—he was one of the officers from the intersection and I owed him and indirect amends.

He helped me find my destination; I thanked him and then went on my way.

I did a spot check inventory on this situation. Perhaps my Higher Power was trying to get through my self-righteous ego and teach me a lesson in humility. The very cop whom I had mentally tried, sentenced and executed came joyfully to my rescue.

God, help be thankful for the little inconveniences of life for even in them can you teach me a lesson in serenity.