318 Any One

“…you had better work with another (sexaholic)….” (AA 102)

I heard a speaker say, “Do for one person what you wish you could do for everyone.” As a recovering sexaholic, that statement challenged my ego. Because I have several years of SA sobriety, I began to imagine I have the authority and power to fix sexaholics everywhere. I sponsor folks, serve our Intergroup and Regional Assembly, lead sessions at marathons and conventions, correspond with SAs in prison, and have shared my story internationally through an interpreter. Mr. SA—that’s me!

The speaker went on to say that we get so caught up in trying to help everyone, spreading my limited energy too far, that we have little to offer anyone. I wanted to walk out but was on the front row so I listened, and the more he said the more sense he made. I started asking myself questions.

Who’s the one in my family, church, office, or SA group, for whom I can do something meaningful? What about the newcomer in last night’s meeting? How about the guy who’s struggled so hard to earn a one-year chip or the one still struggling to get a one-month chip?  Can I help encourage the man who is grieving over losing years of sobriety?
All of them? Probably not. Just one of them? Probably. I am responsible when any “one” anywhere reaches out for help.

God, show me the ‘one’ for today.