311 Point of View

“Our whole attitude and outlook upon life will change.”(AA 84)

I remember my grandfather and his home with its two fireplaces that kept us warm on cold winter days. I also remember the days after my grandfather died and some days later when his home burned down.  Neither he nor the house was meant to last.  I felt crushed in my attempt to somehow capture and hold onto persons and things.  In my mind lived the unrealistic expectation of the physical permanence of things and the immortality of people. Impermanence; the very idea gave me a shiver. Everything I craved or counted on to provide happiness could be taken away.  I expected to find happiness in my people, my places and my things.  These expectations made my happiness conditional and doomed to failure. 

It took many sober days to realize that the warmth of my grandfather’s fireplace was a gift for my use on the days I felt that warmth.  I could use the idea of his home in flames to free me from attachments.  No matter how I live, my life is subject to constant change.  If I refuse to accept this and lean on the transitory nature of people, places, and things; my peace and serenity will falter and my heart, mind and soul will ache.

The most wonderful freedom comes from realizing that if people perish and homes burn, then all the specters that plague my heart and tarnish my true character will also dissolve.   I only need to choose to be grateful for having had them and let them go of them as they leave.

Dear God: May I dance to the rhythm of change; embracing and letting go, in harmony with the gift of each moment.