310 Conditional Recovery

Batch 31 #310

Burn the idea into the consciousness of every man that he can get well regardless of anyone. The

only condition is that he trust in God and clean house. (AA 98)

Oh boy… the two things I avoided all along: surrender and responsibility; not to mention the 

underlying tone in this statement, that codependency would not fix my problems. It is almost

comic to see that at every point, when true solution was suggested, it felt counterintuitive. 

My approach to life made possible my self-centered fear, addiction, suffering, and isolation. 

Strangely, the inevitable despair was a gift. When it became stronger than lust and fear, I was

able to consider that I had things backwards.

People are important, but I had assigned them values based solely on self-interest. Thus the 

landscape of my relationships; whether professional, friendly or family; looked like a battlefield.

The solution was to treat all with kindness and respect for their dignity as human beings, stop 

running from the horror of the past, seek a new sublime way, discard that which did not work, 

and become accountable for the past, present, and future. If my ego can be shaped to these 

purposes, no one can cause me to stumble because I will not be trying to take from them what 

seems necessary for my survival. 

May I step out in faith today and be managed by the Way that works.