308 Come On - Admit It!

Batch 31 #308

Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.

When I was acting out, I could hide behind the wall of Internet anonymity. That anonymity gave 

me license to go where ever my addiction wanted. That anonymity allowed me to act out without 

being exposed, attracting real partners, or engaging prostitutes with the illusions that this method 

was somehow okay. If my Internet anonymity were ever made public, I would die of shame and 

embarrassment and face personal and professional consequences.

To stop this conduct, I disclose it in the presence of others. No one needs to hear the specifics, 

but I need to disclose, on a continuing basis, the nature of my addiction. I do this at meetings, 

with my sponsor, and my sponsees. I share this with new comers to SA so they can hear my 

experiences and discover that they are not alone. Speaking my thoughts out loud exposes them as 


The Fifth Step is not an event. It is a part of the daily Tenth Step. Only by admitting and sharing

my wrongful thoughts, words, and deeds can I change my old thought patterns. It is through 

identification of the old thinking that I choose today’s target for my Step work.

I keep my anonymity about being in the Program, but within that Program my wrongs are 

brought into the open.

Higher Power, help me to always ‘lead with my weakness.’