307 Where was Love?

Batch 31 #307

Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

My immoral inventory was easy: I lied, cheated, stole and broke the law for sex. That was the 

easy part. The hard part was answering the question: what kind of person makes sex so important 

that they are willing to risk imprisonment, insanity, or death and to violate their principles, 

self‑respect and dignity? Where was love?

In recovery, I learn that how or why I came to be a sexaholic does not matter. Some of my SA 

friends have sad childhoods and I understand why they would turn to sex for escape. I was 

blessed with two loving parents who provided emotional nourishment to grow, yet, I still made 

bad decisions.

It does not matter why I lust or how I got to this point in my life. With my Higher Power’s help, I 

change, grow, and learn to love.

Introspection and self-knowledge will not stop me from lusting, not even looking at my 

Step Four inventory Knowing that my history is not all of who I am and that my Higher Power 

loves me and gives me power, I can stop lusting and stop being defined by my past. Now, I have 

the willingness and the capacity to grow.

Where was Love? Evicted by me. Now, I can invite Love to return.

Higher Power, I help me to keep my heart open to your love.