304 Lust is the Key

Batch 31 #304

True sobriety includes progressive victory over lust.

For me, lust is the key. I lust for sex, food, things, knowledge, admiring glances, honor or 

anything that would make me feel better about myself. While each of these lust objects may 

bring brought temporary pleasure, none provided long-term satisfaction. In my addiction I was 

never satisfied because none of these things could make me feel good about myself. As long as 

I felt bad about who I am, how I look, what I have done, then self-satisfaction will always elude 


Lust is about wanting and not really getting.

Addiction is about taking, and not really having.

Love is about caring, and not really possessing.

Recovery is about giving, and not really counting.

The remedy for lust is recovery, the way to recovery is sobriety, and the path to sobriety is to be 

Honest, Open, and Willing. That’s HOW!

Higher Power, help me find in You what I sought in lust.