302 Easy Does it

Batch 31 #302

Ask Him in your morning mediation what you can do each day for the man who is still sick.

I can only reach out to one suffering person at a time and that is the key to the success of AA. 

When issues of power and prestige come into me, such as I can save any and all sexaholics, 

motivations other than sexual sobriety arise. The sincerity, essential to carrying the message, 


Just as my sobriety is measured one day at a time, so my service to others is often one person 

at a time. I cannot save myself, much less the world. If I attempt to stretch myself by taking on 

too many service projects, I am doomed to confusion and failure. This happens around me, why 

would I be any different? I try to prevent this by monitoring the effect of my service on my own 

progressive victory over lust.

The three sides of the AA triangle are recovery, unity, and service, probably in that order. That is 

why I do not go straight from Step One to Step Twelve. All I have to offer is the problem. I have 

to love myself before I can lovingly serve other suffering sexaholics.

God, I ask you for opportunities to be of service one person at a time.