298 Hungry Angry Lonely Traffic

Batch 30 #298

…I'm the key. What I am is what I get, and the measure I give is the measure I get back. I pray God for the willingness to take up this key and unlock the door to love. (SA 134)

Two days ago during our commute, a car getting into our lane cuts us off. I honk my car’s horn long and repeatedly, my wife and I scream and swear at the driver, and I aggressively ride the offending car's bumper for a couple of miles.

Today, after a weekend that included an SA/S-Anon marathon, Step work, and proper sleep, a car getting into our lane cuts us off, I honk once during his cut thinking he must not see our small car and neither I nor my wife scream or swear. We even laugh about the incident.

Same event, different reaction--the only change was our attitude. Going to meetings and working the Program increases the chances I will have a positive attitude. I must remember that this is true for everyone I meet and most of them are not in Twelve Step programs. I need to give others the benefit of the doubt when they are upset, or when they upset me.

Higher Power, thank you for demonstrating that it is not about me, but it is up to me.