292 Healthy Sexuality

Batch 30 #292

We discovered that sex was indeed optional. (SA 204)

Since getting sober from lust, I see more clearly how sex can be used for good and for bad. In essence, the sex instinct is a God-given gift to generate new life and to express my deepest love for my spouse. Sex can also be used for selfish reasons, such as when I only want pleasure. I can use someone else to get what I want or because it feels good and I want it now, or because I am tense and I think it will bring me release.

Today I realize the proper use of sex comes when my attitude is giving and the improper use is when I am taking. I experience peace when I allow my Higher Power to guide me into giving. If I allow myself to be taking, I am doing violence to myself and to others. There is peace when I am giving; violence when I am taking.

God, help me to turn my sexuality over to you and to be at peace.