288 Stepping Into Life

Batch 29 #288

“We feel we are…walking hand in hand with the Spirit of the Universe.” (AA 75)

To measure how many steps I take, I have a pedometer. It is also a watch and alarm, can talk, and plays music. I fear it is smarter than I!

When I walk a circular path at home, the hard part is counting my laps; I often lose track. I tried putting pennies down, but sometimes I would forget. The pedometer has fixed that problem and made exercise much more pleasant.

I recently received my two-year chip, and I have thought about the parallels between my journey in recovery and my walking. At first, I was so focused on every Step there was little joy. All I saw was the long path ahead and often felt I was going in circles. I could not keep track of my progress. Although I was staying sober, it felt like carrying an 80 pound backpack. I really did trudge the road. 

Later I received a wonderful gift. Someone agreed to sponsor me. He could help track my progress, encourage me to keep going, and help me get back on the path if I stumbled. He did not offer to carry my load, but in time I felt it getting lighter. One day I was able to lay it down. 

I have now begun to experience the part about “happy destiny,” and am enjoying some of those promises we read about. I can even look behind and grab the hands of others who have begun the journey. Perhaps best of all, I know I am no longer on this path alone!

Thank you, God, for those who help me step into life.