286 Some Assembly Required

Batch 29 #286

“If we have carefully followed directions….” (AA 85)

My wife bought a cabinet for her sewing machine and its assembly was left to me. I enjoy this function most of the time. Frequently I skip the directions to see if I can do it myself. Sometimes that works well. “Who needs directions, anyway?”

However, usually I have to disassemble part of it because I did things in the wrong order or I may break a piece trying to make it fit. Inevitably, I have to drag out the manual and start again. 

This time I decided to start by reading the instructions first and it made putting the cabinet together a lot easier.

I try to remember this experience when working on my recovery. The reason the Steps appear in their current order is because they work that way. My own plans got me to a place where I needed the Steps. Why would my attempts to tinker with the Steps be any less disastrous? 

When it comes to assembling something like my recovery and my life, I’m learning there’s a better way: FOLLOW THE STEPS! Maybe my life really IS changing as a result of being in Recovery!

Help me, God, to do recovery YOUR way.