284 Shortcut to Destruction

Batch 29 #284

We thought we could find an easier, softer way. But we could not. (AA 58)

One tragic westward migration story is about a group in the spring of 1846. The journey went well until a trapper convinced some to take a shortcut through the mountains. They became trapped by snow and forced to winter in the mountains with little food or shelter. Only half survived to reach California.

In recovery, there have been ‘voices’ urging me to take shortcuts: attend meetings occasionally,  forget about a sponsor, skip some of those silly Steps, and fabricate sobriety. After all, slogans like ‘easy does it,’ ‘act as if,’ and even ‘one day at a time’ can be interpreted from a leisurely point of view. What’s the hurry, anyway? Why ‘trudge the road’ when there’s an ‘easier, softer way?’

The reason is that many before me trudged the road, ignored unproven shortcuts, and recovery. I have seen members fall after refusing to follow the established program to recovery and taking shortcuts. Fortunately, there are those who continue to stay the course, choosing the longer ‘road of Happy Destiny.’ I choose to travel with them.

God help me stay on the ‘recovery road.’