How to stop sex and porn addiction?

This is the problem that brought us to desperation - we wanted to stop our sexual compulsivity, but we could not. We tried to stop, but it never lasted. Sexaholics Anonymous presented us with a solution that we never knew about; a proven, reliable means of staying sexually sober one day at a time.

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Below are a selection of stories from members, all now sober, recovering from sex or porn addiction. They will describe what it was like for them under the "lash" of sexaholism. What brought them to Sexaholics Anonymous (SA). And what happened since. We hope their stories will be an inspiration to you and to all.

Please remember that these stories are the individual experiences of SA members, they are not official SA literature. Their stories are here to offer hope to the still suffering sex and/or porn addict.

Porn Free

Celebrating One Year Porn Free Through Sexaholics Anonymous

I am grateful today for Sexaholics Anonymous, and for my one year porn free. That is a miracle! I attended my first SA meeting in June 2011, but this is the first time I have celebrated one year. God willing I will stay sober...

Allergic to Pornography

With pornography addicts, especially newcomers, I always mention both physical and mental powerlessness.  The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous reminds us we have a physical disease.

“..the body of the alcoholic is quite as abnormal as


Recovering from online chat sex addiction - High Powered Days

I never fell into a rabbit hole, but I fell hard into the Internet. There, I found a strange world where forbidden things were freely available—even celebrated. At first, I enjoyed this secret place where there was no right or wrong. What I did there, stayed there. So I stayed there longer and...

Recovering internet porn addict

I don’t remember when I discovered Internet pornography, but I know now that I was in trouble from the moment I first saw a hardcore image on my screen. I’d been looking at photographs of women since my early teen years—magazines and well-thumbed novels we passed around at school. The excitement...

Recovering female sex addict

I left home at 21 and moved in with my boyfriend. I had been attending college full-time and had two part-time jobs, but I dropped out of school and work so I could spend more time acting out sexually. I felt a lot of shame, so I convinced my boyfriend to marry me. Sometimes


Pornography addiction recovery story.

There is a solution.

It’s 11 p.m. again, way past my bedtime, but I’m still sitting at the computer. I’m so exhausted I can hardly type. I’ve been searching the Internet for sex for more than six hours straight. There were things I needed to do, but they will have to wait. I’m forgetting things and starting to be careless. Tomorrow I am not even turning on the computer.

Morning comes and I look at my face in the mirror. There are dark circles under my eyes. I’m unshaven, unkempt, looking like a mess. It’s going to be another long day at work.

Now it’s evening and I’m glad this day is over. I have to do laundry, shopping, and some errands, but I’m pumped up on cyber-sex and Internet porn. Every woman looks like she could be “the One.” I stare at every one with lust in my heart. I am lost again in fantasy. I can’t wait to get home again and turn on the computer. I tell myself, “Not tonight,” but only finish half the things I meant to do and rush home to get online. Again.

I started my sexaholic journey with men’s magazines that I found around the house. As technology advanced, so did my addiction. I started with 8 millimeter movies, then progressed to Super 8. Beta was next, then VHS. When the computer was available, I immediately started into chat rooms, images, and setting up meetings with people.

I always felt I was different from most people. I met a woman on the Internet and had an affair with her. She became pregnant and was adamant about keeping the baby. I didn’t want to have a child with this woman. I prayed: “God if you get me out of this, I’ll be good.” When she miscarried, I continued my ways. When I got a call from a woman I was chatting with, my girlfriend (now my wife) heard the phone message and asked me who it was. I lied. The betrayal and denial continued until one day when I saw a TV program about sex addicts.

I found that I could relate to the stories. I decided to seek help. Endlessly trying to stop without success was proof of how powerless I was. I saw no way out short of divine intervention. The downward spiral stopped when I found Sexaholics Anonymous.

I remember that first meeting as if it were yesterday, though now it is over seven years ago. Three members gave me an introduction to Sexaholics Anonymous. I felt as if I had stepped into a warm, welcoming home. I wasn’t alone anymore. Here were men and women who understood and shared my struggle, but had changed and were willing to help me change. No longer was I afraid to share my thoughts and experiences.

I believe now that God had a plan for me all along. God’s intention for me was to get well so I could help others get well. It was never any more complicated than that. God saved me from the full consequences of my addiction so that I might live to help others. Today my life is very different. The Internet is no longer my master. I am tempted but not obsessed. I don’t act on the temptation because I have tools I can use to help me through the rough times. I am part of a recovery community that is much greater than myself. I was powerless to stop my behavior and change, but God has changed me through this program.

This disease is more powerful than I am. It brought me to my knees. I believe that God gave me this disease to bring me closer to Him and so that I can share my hope and recovery with others. For Sexaholics Anonymous and the people in the fellowship, and God’s love, I will always be grateful.

Married Member Shares: Loner gets sober "In fellowship with other who have been there"

I have been a sexaholic for about 50 years but it was only about 3 years ago that I was confronted and challenged to change my life. Sure I had struggled to change over the years and with limited success. For periods I'd given up (in my own strength) lusting, pornography and masturbation. ...