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Marriage and Sexaholics Anonymous

Three weeks ago, I got married and moved from Belgium to Spain to live with my wife. I had many fears about this transition, but I can see today that the reality is quite different from the fears that my mind had tried to impose on me. The reality today, by the grace of my Higher Power, is very...

Finding God in Sexaholics Anonymous

The idea of God is what kept me away from Twelve Step programs for many years. When I finally came into Sexaholics Anonymous,  I was so sick that I no longer really cared about what anyone believed. In fact, I was trying to save the affair I was having behind my wife's back, and I thought SA...

Staying Sexually Sober is my Purpose

I'm 55 and going back to university to get an undergraduate degree. Before this, my addiction took over and I never graduated from the university.  My goal is on hold for now, because there are no classes available for this Summer and Fall semesters. But my real goal is just to enjoy the journey...