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Fellow Sexaholics Give Me Hope

When a sober Sexaholics Anonymous member shares the good, the bad, and the ugly--in other words when he becomes gut honest--I sharpen my ears, and my thirsty soul drinks what it was always looking for: the human connection. I don’t need to feel subhuman or superhuman, but just one amidst the...

No More Juggling My Problems

In early recovery, I tried to be successful academically, to stay clean and sober (or at least not let others know that I wasn't clean and sober), to keep my family and friends satisfied, to....and so on.

I felt like a juggler who was juggling too many problems!  Actually I was just...

Thank God for Keeping me Sexually Sober Through Sexaholics Anonymous

Last week I had a couple of really bad days in my marriage, and I was amazed by how strongly the flashbacks and crazy obsessions came back! I felt I was in real danger of sexually acting-out.  I have heard from old timers that:

"When you think lust is gone and everything is quiet, lust is...

Sobriety For One Married Sexaholic

Hello, I'm a recovering sexaholic, created in the image of G-d.  By the grace of G-d my sobriety date is Wednesday, July 3rd 2002.  I have a sponsor and my sponsor has a sponsor.

You can't see me, so I'll tell you that I am 63 years old and as we used to say in the '60's, every day and...

“How Do I Stay Sober?” (Thoughts From a Sexaholics Anonymous Old Timer)

A member with one year of sobriety asked me recently to describe the meaning of progressive victory over lust. He asked, “I know the sobriety definition, but how can I define whether I’m sober with progressive victory over lust?”  So I decided to share my experience, strength, and hope on this...